Forth dimension

We were intrigued by the question whether it was possible to draw an axonometric view of a four-dimensional analog of a cube, starting from the four axes. We wrote down all possible combinations of values "0" and "n" in the four-element one-dimensional matrix. We agreed that we will assume each combination as a block of coordinates of one of the points of a four-dimensional analog of a cube. Then we struck all points on the sheet of paper, connected them with lines and got the picture that you can see above.
Then we had a long study of this figure. We were arguing if it was correct, or not, we were studying properties of that picture.
And then we went online and realized that the picture was right. We also realized that this picture has already been drawn a lot before us. Many people dedicated to theories to it, wrote fantastic tales, shot films and gave it a name - "Tesseract" - the four-dimensional analog of the cube.
As architects, we decided to devote Tesseract two projects - the first one (competitionary project of a Tall Emblem Structure for Dubai) and then the other (a residential house inside a tesseract).

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