Exhibition: an Experience of Non-Visual Perception

From February 28 to March 9, 2008 at the Center for Contemporary Art in Kiev-Mohyla Academy the exhibition, called an Experience of Non-Visual Perception, developed by AltRoom was held

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Exhibition concept:

The most part of information about outward things, people get with the help of eyesight. This is the perception channel, which was chosen for inter-temporal information transfer between people. It happened in the ancient times, when some prehistoric person made the first note on a rock or on some other surface. This note appeared to be the first artificial visual metaphor, which started the whole new era. With the course of time, new visual images’ creation methods appeared. They developed. The great quantity of new arts and sciences grew up on their basis. The task was to explore optical receptors’ stimulating methods and thought control possibilities, by means of these stimulations.
Nowadays, visual metaphors’ era has reached it’s apogee. Visual patterns’ infrastructure influences all the aspects of life. No one, who risked going out, can not live independently of this infrastructure, since it’s consequences are everywhere. The huge visual images are located along the highways without any regulations. Such a continuous obtrusion results in person’s individuality depression. Thus, it is necessary to create spaces, convenient for men’s rest from external influence on his consciousness, to provide an acquired visual metaphors regulating possibility.
The ideal place for such a rest – is an artificially created space, which does not possess any visual characteristic. So it does not stimulate new visual metaphors in consciousness of the person, which stays in this space. It is quite simple to save that space from visual information. It is enough to preserve light penetration inside, or to provide uniform illumination and color of all the edges, forming certain internal space, for that aim. But, is it possible to fill this space with non-visual information, ensuring emotional spirit and securing free orientation and traveling in it’s limits

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