Project of an art gallery for children in Novosibirsk - Homo Ludens.

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Common concept

We think that Art concists of two main parts:
- Craft (ability to do something according to the rules)
- Imagination (ability to break the rules, to see an unusual sense in normal subjects)

Children are taught craft at school. It is boring to talk about it. Fantasy is quite another matter. Children couldn’t assimilate the totality of stereotypes, that’s why their ability to fill casual things with unusual meaning is amazing.

Children’s fantasy becomes the most apparent when they play. While playing, they see something unusual in all the things, surrounding them. Children’s art process also appears to be a game. Seeing this process is often more interesting, then seeing it’s results.

We proposed to develop children’s art gallery as an information gathering center. We also proposed to make the exhibition interactive to diversify the exposition. We mean a number of extra functional zones creation, for gallery’s quality enrichment, when we speak about interactivity.Children’s art process demonstration in real-time operation mode: Digital hall, appointed with multimedia displays, representing slides and videos, stored on the server. Information gathering with the purpose of further circulation as a magazine (within Russia) and as an internet site (for the whole world).

So we can get a complicated structure, which will present a large floating space. It seems to be nice for being children’s art gallery.
We proposed to use this building also at night, so some additional functions have to be provided:
- festival film’s show.
- Disco-parties holding .
That’s why we had to develop an opportunity for combined and separate usage of zones.

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