Project of a densely populated community - Mega Urbanism

The problem of continuous population density growth in cities is becoming increasingly important. Settlement system which exists in Ukraine today, is designed so that each hectare of the city can be inhabited by less than 500 people, so there is nothing strange in the fact that the system is already unable to fulfill its main tasks: population location and displacement.
It is clear that population density increasing reduces the comfort level of living. But is it possible to get a minimal loss of comfort, providing maximum level of density?
The urbanized residential structure (wich we propose) consists of two independent parts. Each of the parts has its own pedestrian roads, transport routes and a huge parking. Each of them has its own set of consumer services, as well as they have a common set of schools and kindergartens. Placed one above the other, these parts create a well-defined hybrid system that includes everything needed for life functions. At the same time it prevents the appearance of any parasitizing infrastructure.
This system is able to provide 60 000 people living in an area of one hectare, which is 150 times higher than existing Ukrainian rates.

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