Tall Emblem Structure for Dubai (2/4)


A four-dimensional tesseract can not exist in three-dimensional space, so it is impossible to build it in Za'abeel Park. Therefore, we can build a projection of tesseract on three-dimensional space and get a three-dimensional solid object (similarly to how we get planar image, projecting three-dimensional objects on a plane). Of course, a cube is the elementary projection of a tesseract (just as a square is the elementary projection of a cube). We offer to use the vertex-first projection of the tesseract, that forms a three-dimensional solid object, which vertices' Cartesian coordinates are:

Structural integrity

After turning edges structure of the tesseract's projection into the metal skeleton, we add all the bracing frames, securing geometric constancy of all the framework. This framework appears to be the basic element of a spiral composition. Two allied stayed masts function as general element of construction for the proposed design. All the moments of forces and all the overcutting forces are taken by the ropes. Two masts take normal forces, also they let stress the system.


Space usage

Some of the faces, formed by metal edges of the structure may be extruded with different materials as required. Those faces will serve as horizontal planes of the floors and vertical or inclined planes of the walls of cafe's, podium's and viewing platforms' spaces.

The faces, that project into edges in the cell-first tesseract's projection (the elementary one), but form quadrilateral faces in the vertex-first projection (which we use for the proposed design) can be filled by transparent rear-projection screens. Projectors, installed facing screens, would generate multimedia slideshow, illustrating history of Dubai, the greatest sights of modern Dubai and some future projects. As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the basic concept, these faces are exactly those, symbolizing time, representing past, present and future of Dubai.

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