Photograph Album of Subconsciousness (3/9)

Visual image based on tactile perception

It is a kind of visual image that can appear when one tries to examine a surface with the eyes closed and with the help of hands… or feet or other parts of body covered with epidermis.

Visual image based on olfactory perception

The quarters met me with a sharp unpleasant smell. I tried to not look down, but all my thoughts were occupied with an image like this.

Visual image based on acoustic perception

I cannot definitely say whether I see a visual image when I am listening to music. Probably, I see something. But it is definitely not an image which comes to a head when one is trying to set it with an effort of will. It is a pity the picture has not come out spoiled.

Visual image based on description

I was told then: “You will go out near a green awkward house. When you pass it, you’ll see nine-storied blue hotel with a little reddish outhouse. You turn right and when you pass by violet building and a little lodge, you will run into a red sectional building. Walk it round to the right and you will see two buildings – on is gravel and another – dark blue. You need to get into the second.” I was also drawn a scheme. And I imagined everything like this. In reality, of course, it turned to be completely different.

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