An Attempt of Space Research: Photograph Album of Subconsciousness.

Imagine that you have projected a hotel which resembles a prison a lot, and that somebody accused you that you hadn’t get to the image. The accusation is a rather serious one because an architect who doesn’t get to the image regularly is as good as a taxi-driver who cannot reach an accelerator pedal. But there is no sense to become depressed, it is foolish and doesn’t bring any practical results. To bear offender a grudge and take unexpected revenge on him when he forgets about it is much more correctly.
And while your offender takes his time to forget everything, you have your time to examine what is the image itself and how one can get to it. And you can start right now. Of course, if you were at home, you would open a dictionary (or an encyclopedia) to set everything up. But as it is impossible to do now, we will do it for you. So, an image is an ideal product of mental activity which is made specific through one form of mental reflection – sensation, perception etc. - or another. (www.glossary.ru) This means an image can be different: gustatory, olfactory, acoustic, tactile etc. It is very important to realize that according to domestic modern view on architecture, it is solely a question of visual image. And that is why, no one cares about other types of images.
Not long ago, less than a year, a very interesting thing fell into our hands. It was an unusual camera. Its settings provided a special mode for taking pictures of visual images inside our subconsciousness. We were not able to remain the owners of this priceless device. It was stolen and an excellent opportunity to put in order even a little our idea of images and their place in architecture as well.
And if we had not managed to photograph a film and had not been able to demonstrate you any pictures, we could have finished here. But now we can proudly display 36 unique photographs from inside of our subconsciousness.
Of course, we didn’t take photos of whatever we saw. First of all, the camera wasn’t digital and the film wasn’t cheap. That is why it was stupid to turn from side to side and push the button. And secondly, we were taking the pictures of subconsciousness, and subconsciousness is not a landscape which looks more or less pretty from any perspective. One should behave it subtly.

Ephemeral image

I don’t remember where it is and I don’t know who this is. I am even not sure that it looked exactly like this. I think I saw it with my lateral sight. But here’s the image which remained in my memory… Rather an ephemeral one.

First impression

Aw! This is San Marco Square in Venus, or rather the first impression from it. I have heard a lot about flocks of pigeons and about the impudence they fly with over the heads of tourists. Having seen these creatures, I have recognized the world famous square. And then it appeared to be another one. But I had the same first impression from it.

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