Living Inside a Tesseract (3/4)

Cube is the simplest three-dimensional projection of a tessaract. People exist in 3 dimensions of real hyperspace so they perceive only one of eight equal cubic cells of the tessaract. Our living unit includes 7x7x7x8 = 2774 cubic meters of hyperspace volume. It will occupy area of 7x7 = 49 square meters and space volume of 7x7x7 = 343 cubic meters of existing city. As you can see, it makes sense. We can save 2431 cubic meters of city space on each unit. The only problem of our project is the fact, that modern person can use only 1/8 of his apartment. Because of his limited perceptive skills he can exist only inside one of eight rooms which he owns in reality. Nevertheless, we hope that people will learn to perceive space adequately and so, we bring our project forward.
Our living unit consists of 8 equal cubic rooms with the side size of 7 m: living-room, bedroom, nursery, winter garden, study, dining-room, kitchen and a bathroom. Objects’ geometry in 4D space differs from traditional one. We used those differences to make our house more comfortable. Each room of the living unit is placed into one of the cells of the tessaract. Due to that location, each room communicates with six other rooms through openings in common faces. So, there will be a room behind each wall and ceiling but no room will have an outwall. That’s why there will be no possibility to enter or exit apartment. Let’s have a good look on each room and communications between them.

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