Living Inside a Tesseract (4/4)

But still, how can we enter that apartment? Unfortunately, this problem has remained unsolved. May be someone could be born in that house and live whole live inside. All his existence space would be limited by eight rooms of his house in that case. Therefore, he would be able to receive guests (those, who live in 3D space). They will always be able to perceive one of his rooms and exist in its range.

Please, imagine a spider to understand this occurrence. Waiting for prey, it moves in the range of one face – the face of its net. A fly can move between different faces, flying in space and the spider won’t notice those movements. But as soon as the fly appears in plane of the net, the spider will catch a sight of its presence immediately.
And now let’s imagine a tragic situation: net faces limiting some space. Each net is a habitat for one spider. Each spider considers himself as the only inhabitant of the World because it has no chance to get to a foreign net and meet another spider. Imagine a fly flying inside that space, limited with nets. In spite of its doom, the fly appears to be the most informed resident of this strange world. In contrast to spiders, the fly is a subject of 3D space. That’s why it can see all the faces limiting space and all the spiders – subjects of their own 2D worlds. By analogy, person, born in 4D space, once will discover that each room of his tessaract home belongs to some stranger. People, inhabiting different rooms, will never meet each other. The 4D man will be able to enter each of those rooms and talk to people, who live there. As result, he will never possess his private space. Inhabitants of the rooms (which we wanted to assemble into the tessaract house) will start turning him out of their ownerships. Thereby the 4D person will idle about from one owner to another. He’ll never break that circle. Of course, that is a big disadvantage of our project.

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